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Performance Coach

Thomas Orths

Three ways to create Excellence:

1. Performance Coaching – Thomas Orths as COACH

2. Strategic Consultant – Thomas Orths as CONSULTANT & MENTOR

3. Mastermind Groups – Thomas Orths as GROUP COACH

Making a difference since 1998
in our Global Village.

Become Talent Driven,

Fully Engaged,


GVL Mastermind Groups: Peer group & GVL Coach support (4:27 min)

Your transformation to full engagement: discover your hidden talents, add essential people skills and become remarkable.

How To Become Fully Engaged

GVL Mastermind Groups 

You are seeking what only a few ever find. What makes your heart sing? What are your unique talents that enable you to be in the zone. What would you still do it even if you wouldn’t get paid for it?

When we find it, your rewards are profound. Being energized by your work. Evolving as a high performer. Becoming remarkable as a result.

In the GVL Mastercmind Group you search with your peers and GVL Coach until you find that sweet spot. Joining the few that do.

High Performance Coaching:
1-to-1 or as a Team (2:11 min)

Your path to sustainable High-Performance: identifying obstacles, root causes, designing a roadmap and action plan.

How To Reach Sustainable High Performance

Performance Coaching

You found the field of your passion. Here you can make a difference. Now it’s time to identify root causes that are still holding you back to perform at high level, sustainably and with ease.

Not the performance level that spirals into burnout eventually. Instead, your energizing focus and fun in your game keeps you going. Ongoing.

In  GVL  you discover with your Performance Coach how to breakthrough doing it your way. 

Strategy Consulting: 1-to-1 or Core Team setting (3:10 min)

Your breakthrough to work ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ your business: 20% of energy spend on Business Fundamentals, 80% on Breakthrough Strategies.

Work ‘on’ your business!

Strategy Consulting

It’s time to work ‘on’ your business, not just ‘in’ your business. To define an inspiring vision, underpinned by strategy and measures. For you to monitor you are on track.

Your roadmap to restructure, optimise processes and delegate to a cohesive core team around you. Enabling you to break free and serve on a higher level.

In the GVL Club you figure out with your Strategy Consultant how to enjoy life to the fullest and leave a meaningful legacy.


We enable individuals and teams to grow – by discovering their talents and strengths to become fully engaged and remarkable.

Finding out what makes your heart sing and focus on just that, with love and passion, enables you to create remarkable results. You and the world deserve nothing less. We are all here to shine.

Our Commitment being brutally honest when supporting you, seeing more potential in you than you allow yourself to see, never stop as there is always room for improvement.

We bring out the best in you and enable you to recognise your true colours, talents and perfection. And make use out of it to share it with others and serve in meaningful ways. Becoming highly successful as a result.

Enable to others to grow, empowerment to unleash potential, create full engagement at work, prevent disengagment and burnout.

“Thomas is an outstanding coach who is very thorough and process driven. He is excellent at delivering team coaching initiatives. When I get the opportunity to team up with him on a project I always jump at the opportunity.

He speaks fluent English and German and has vast experience working in the most divers cultures: Europe, Middle East, US, Asia.”

Robert Ferguson, EQ Centre

“I recently had an opportunity to participate in your video sessions – focusing on Effective Communication and Leading Change. Thomas, your presentation-style and content is excellent and for me, was a superb memory jogger, which transported me from the US, back to one of your impressive workshops in Germany. Keep up your excellent video sessions and coaching work and know that you make a big difference for your clients!”

Johann Vaz, Biotest Pharmaceuticals Boca Raton, Florida

“I met Thomas Orths first in 2002 in our German head office. Since more than a decade he has worked closely with our company, supporting the management levels of our company primarily in Germany, Luxembourg and Brussels. 

He also supported our sales units in Germany, Italy and Nordic with topics such as “Emotional Intelligence for Sales success” as well as the manufacturing teams in all our 6 German plants and our plant in Luxembourg.

We made great use of a variety of his 2-day soft skills programs such as Effective Communication, Presenting with Impact, Self-&Time Management, Stress Management to name a few. Especially in Luxembourg the learning teams were culturally very diverse and Thomas managed to successfully engage all participants and created very good feedback from the sessions – consistently over the years. His humor, dynamic style, use of strong & related metaphors and practical approach is appreciated a lot.

Regarding Leadership and Management development Thomas was deeply involved in one of our major EMEA roll outs around “Performance Coaching for Managers” where he worked with the board level and the next 3 levels down our organization, in D-A-CH and Benelux. The intensive Workshops including video feedback were followed by Action Learning sets, business related peer coaching. Thomas engaged with 4 levels and across many functions in mixed groups. His delivery was well received by all participants, even though this was a mandatory program.

In recent years we used Thomas also frequently for team building processes, where he works with existing team, that often are under high demand. His ability to align the team, enable them to resolve conflicts and challenge all members to step up is interesting to watch. I have been myself in several sessions and was really satisfied with the outcome!”

Oliver Kim, Goodyear Dunlop

“Thomas has been unfailing in his quest to help people grow. He is an extraordinary professional with a rare breed of passion and commitment to the clients needs. He has a remarkable talent and would bless any client relationship with his constant search for better solutions.

​Proof of that is the fact that Thomas has reinvented his approach to support individuals in peer groups online, in the same intensity as offline, if not more. Which I found hard to believe at first.

Yet his peer group coaching in the GVL masterclass gets under peoples skin and brings out the best in them. In the Zoom sessions he gets everyone to let down their ‘social armour’ and solve the crucial issues that hold you back – brilliant.”

Joe Geraghty, School of Mastery, Ireland

“You helped our Western European sales team to develop a winning attitude by creating ‘best responses’ to the many daily business challenges.

At the same time, you made all my colleagues master the importance of emotional intelligence, particularly in sales, which has lead to better business results. Thank you for your professional work!”

Ernst Frimel, Evonik Industries

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Thomas Orths
Thomas OrthsFounder & Principal
Thomas Orths is an expert in Leadership Effectiveness, Holistic Change and Emotional Intelligence. As a high performance coach, trainer and speaker, he enables individuals, teams and organizations to grow. His ability to initiate Mindset Change is in demand to create High Performing Teams in the competitive business arena.

With the experience of Thomas, growth becomes possible by using successful strategies that enable you to increase sales, to optimize productivity, improve customer service and work more efficiently.

Jean-Luc Kastner
Jean-Luc KastnerHead of Strategy Consulting
Jean-Luc Kastner is a graduated Engineer with masters in Process Engineering and Industrial Design. Jean-Luc has been working in Management and Process Development for high technology Companies such as General Electric, HP, Philips Medical Systems and large industrial groups such as Ansell, Iggesund Paperboard over to highly focused companies such as the Bank of International Settlements or ERI Bancaire in Switzerland. He was instrumental in reengineering sales organisations in several companies amongst them Medtronic, Datalogic and GE Healthcare.

Aside from his training and consulting activities, Jean-Luc is a certified Professional Coach. He supports managers at BD Diagnostics, Iggesund Paperboard and Biosite.

Tim De Nordwall
Tim De NordwallHead of Coach Faculty
Cathryn Morse
Cathryn MorseCustomer Care & Project Coordinator
Tom Stoeckel
Tom StoeckelPerformance Coach & Cross Cultural Expert
Pierre Kysilenko
Pierre KysilenkoPerformance Coach & Change Leadership Expert

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