Emotional Intelligence Revealed

The EI success factor was put on the map in the 90s when Daniel Goleman wrote his bestseller book EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. It was nothing new as such, because people skills and social competence have been similar headings since decades before. But the distilled knowledge hit a nerve with the crowd. Because EI is more important than ever, even today

Why? Because of the fast paced (business) world aiming to get more out with less resources, the amount of stress decision making, dealing with people under pressure, Self management has risen dramatically. And we can easily start to loose it and crumble, if we don’t  know about how to master our emotional intelligence and build a high EI in the support teams around us.

We can measure and develop your EI in a substantial way. Its not fixed. Its fluent and the idea is to rise to the top and reap the rewards. You master relation ship mgmt. and self mgmt. because you develop high self-regard ad regard for others , coupled with high self-awareness and awareness of others.  Guess which factor is the most important…?

More than 90% of your carreer and success in life as a whole depends on your EI. And your level of happiness. No need to delay the self development journey.