Self Responsibility is an act of liberation and not a burden

Taking the course of life into your own hands does not come naturally for most people. Being entirely dependent on our parents as a child, then rebelling to be independent as a teenager, we finally, hopefully, reach a healthy state of interdependency.
Adult to adult, taking care of ourselves and others around us – without making them dependent. It’s easy to blame our circumstances for our lack of choices, and it releases us of our duty to take charge and create a life we are proud of. But of course its an illusion: we are not dependant on others, or on outer circumstances we can do nothing about.
Instead, we can accept what we can’t change – and move on, or change what we don’t want to take – and do something about it. We can start a project, even a movement, a service we can give to others. Accepting Self-Responsibility is an act of liberation and not a burden. Moving vom victim mentality to empowerment in your unique way is what’s needed to live a happy and fulfilled life.