How to become a master in leading virtual teams

We live In a global village as we can reach out in real time 24/7 to everyone on the planet. The global markets are more interconnected than ever before and so are the virtual team members scattered across the globe. The virtual communication is the only way to connect, unless 1000s of airmiles are invested to get the look, touch and feel of each other in the flesh.

And yet, we can look at and feel each other via advanced communication tools like ZOOM. Staring at each other in close up on a smartphone or 15 inch screen feels like we are face to face. Team meetings that follow a regular pattern and specific guideline ca be highly effective and glue the team together, moving the team from a virtual work unit to a collaborative team eventually to team cohesion.

You need to understand and follow guidelines that compensate for the physical absence of being I one room. Behavior and communication rules are vital. A team vision and mission and clarity on WHWNH ! (what happens when nothing happensā€¦)

Now is the time to become a master in leading virtual teams, as the demand for this high skill level is growing day by day.